Fairywill Sonic P11 Plus מברשת שיניים סונית – חשמלית מאמזון – עם 4 ראשים וקייס רק ב129 ש"ח!


מברשת חשמלית סונית פופלרית בדיל היום.

נטענת בUSB, מגיעה עם מארז קשיח לטיולים ועוד 4 ראשים (בממוצע מספיקים לשנתיים! החלפה כל כחצי שנה).
הסיבים הכחולים מעידים מתי הזמן להחליף ראש. 3 מצבים (מסאג', ניקוי עדין וחזק) וטיימר 30 שניות/2 דקות.
מאות ביקורות חיוביות.

עם קופון 5$ מתחת למחיר רק כ129 ש"ח עד הבית!

משלוח חינם בקניה מעל 49$.

  • MAGLEV DRIVEN TURBO-POWERED CLEAN – P11 Puts more power into your hands with a 3rd generation Maglev Motor which is the latest in sonic tech. The forms and the features work together for an experience that is consistently Fast, Smooth and Effective with up to 62,000 brush movements per cycle. The Maglev motor offers a perfect unique blend of torque and high-frequency that will turn into the best brushing you ever had.
  • CHARGE LESS, GRIN MORE – Fast Charge technology gets you up and running for more than 30 days with just a 2 hour full charge. 800MAH lithium battery having less waste gives you long lasting power and battery life. USB charging design supporting global voltage walks with you to every corner of the world.
  • FADING REMINDER BRISTLES – Indicates replacing of brush head when the blue color bristles fade away. Bristles cutting process adopts the innovative 3D cutting, which helps to provide a whole dimensional cleaning of each tooth and eliminate bad breath. It is equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems, which can keep things in control even when the brush is cruising across your teeth at a high speed. 4 Dupon bristle brush heads included.
  • UNIQUE TRAVEL CASE. DOUBLE COVER, DOUBLE FUN – Double-end design travel case provides large accommodation so that you can neatly pack the necessities into this well-designed portable case. Double-end design also provides the convenience of taking out toothbrush from either end of the travel case, and allows you to carry 2 brush heads for 2-person use. Ideal for those who travel with families or friends.
  • BEAUTIFUL RING OUTSIDE, BEASTLY TECH INSIDE – Fairywill P11 ultra-powerful electric toothbrush is bold and sharp, by pairing bold styling with rugged construction, giving a more simplified appearance with a round, gold-tone ring. The ring comes by way of an industry leading advanced nano-vacuum semi-transparent plating coupled with innovative hidden display gear lighting and a dynamic gearshift. 3 different settings ( Clean, Soft, Massage) meet various oral care need, displayed by the Ring-Light

Fairywill Sonic P11 Plus מברשת שיניים סונית – חשמלית מאמזון – עם 4 ראשים וקייס רק ב129 ש"ח!
Fairywill Sonic P11 Plus מברשת שיניים סונית – חשמלית מאמזון – עם 4 ראשים וקייס רק ב129 ש"ח!

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