Oclean F1 – מברשת השיניים החדשה והמשתלמת של שיאומי Oclean! רק $25.99



דגם חדש במשפחת הדגמים הענפה והמוצלחת במיוחד של OCLEAN!
אולי מותג המברשות הסוניות האיכותי והמשתלם בעולם כיום! (וכן יש לי גם פיליפס, לנובו, שיאומי ואחרות).

דגם הF1 הוא דגם בסיס משתלם במיוחד אך עם נתונים מעולים – עוצמה של 36000RPM וסוללה ל30 יום!

משלוח עם שליח/נק' חלוקה ב$2.05


Main Features:
Small Yet Powerful
High-performance maglev brushless motor to deliver high cleaning efficiency, speed up to 36000RPM.

Best-in-class FDA Brush Head
Comfort-forward Rounded
Gentle curves improve comfort and prevent tooth damage.
Anchor-free Processing
Assembly for an anchor-free brush head.
3D Designed Bristles
Each brush is multifaceted to provide more surface area for deeper cleaning. It will fit your teeth shape perfectly and get into the gap of the teeth.
Flexible, High-Density Brush Head
3D designed multifaceted bristles with DuPont filaments specially made to deliver an optimum level of cleanliness.

Simple Interactions, Easy to Use
Grab & Go
Lightweight body, compact design, perfect for travel

Superior Battery Experience
Ultra-fast charging, takes only 2 hours to fully charge, USB magnetic contact charging stand.
800mAh lithium-ion battery, incredible 30 days of battery life on average
The brush holds full 30 days of battery life on a single charge, to be worry-free about running out of battery while traveling.

A Brush Made Just for You, 3 Modes Available
Everyone has a unique set of teeth, with different types of needs.
Standard Whitening
Suitable for color teeth.
Sensitive Cleaning
Suitable for sensitive teeth.
Standard Cleaning
Suitable for healthy teeth.

Never Miss A Spot
30s Change Zone Reminder, 2min Automatic Stop
Brushing Zone Timer
During the brushing process, it will automatically remind you to change the brushing area every 30s, remind you not to miss cleaning a single spot in your mouth.

IPX7 Waterproof
LED display intensity, intuitive and convenient.
Low battery reminder, more intimate design.

Oclean F1 – מברשת השיניים החדשה והמשתלמת של שיאומי Oclean! רק $25.99
Oclean F1 – מברשת השיניים החדשה והמשתלמת של שיאומי Oclean! רק $25.99

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